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January 1, 2009

Woooo Hoooo … I have new friends !!!

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Well that didnt take long. I now have two new friends. I expect things to snowball from here. Before you know it, I will have so many friends and I will be so popular.


December 29, 2008

No hits yet … am I dissappointed???

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It has been a couple weeks so far and still no invites. I guess that is a good thing. It is not proving my point though. I know this will become more active. As I referenced before, my ligit myspace membership had little to no information. I did have a picture, and I can assure you that my looks were not attracting people. I have made a minor change to John’s profile. He still lives in Chicago, but now lives in the 60608 zip code. Maybe this experiment will actually be of use to someone. That is, how to avoid mass invitations. Although, that was not my original intention.

December 12, 2008

Birth of the MySpace Experiment

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This is the first entry of an experiment of mine.  The goal is to see how many friends I can get on MySpace while providing minimal information.

Some Background first …
A while back, being curious, I decided to give MySpace a try.  After all, everyone seemed to be doing the social networking thing.  I signed up, put up a pic, and kinda forgot about it for a while.  I did plan to continue with it, but was quite busy at the time.  Well, before you know it, I was getting invited to be everyone’s friend.  This lead me to believe that they are all just a bunch of losers looking to make themselves feel better by having alot of friends.

So the MySpace Experiment was born.  I created another profile with the name of John Smith.  The only information listed on John’s MySpace profile is his name and zip code and birthdate, not even picture.  By the way, the zip code I chose to use was 60606.  That is the zip code for the Sears Tower which is purely business with no residential space.  The only thing John will do with MySpace is to accept invitations to be someone’s friend.  He will not post in the forum, customize his space, request to be anyone’s friend, etc

I will try to keep you all informed on how things go.
Stay tuned …

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